Ask Emerald May
I'm happy to hear Emerald May is coming back! She's got a nice butt. Does the reboot include more time spent on the ground with us Earth ponies?


How long do you think untill the reboot?

Probably not until September.

No, the reason why the blog failed is just cause you never updated. I mean that's not a bad thing, if you don't got the time you don't got the time, but unless you've found it then rebooting it won't solve anything.

Well rebooting it without having the time was never intended in the first place.

Decision about this Blog

When a blog stays inactive for this long, you can’t simply pick it up and continue it from when it was, so here’s the thing:

Emerald May will have a REBOOT.
Not sure when, probably not anytime soon. Hopefully after this summer.

More characters will be added, and It will also follow a story, because you can’t really just ask questions to a character without knowing much about her. Something to keep the interest is needed, and that’s what the blog first failed on.

Questions will still be relevant to Emerald’s story as she will be able to answer them when particular events in the story will be about to happen. Not every time, still, but there will be enough balance between audience interaction and character independence.
At least this is the plan. We will see how it goes.

It is all for now. Thank you for reading.

Listen I don't see why people are egging you about the lack of updates I just wanted to say that you have a life outside of your blogs and these projects will consume times. People need to get on the ball and wait for you to get done with what your doing. I wish you luck with your projects and what ever is going on outside this blog.

Thank you very much for your words. Very appreciated.

What happened to this blog or whatever it is

Work, other current projects and real life happened. Excuse me if I have other priorities.

It will update when I’ll find the time.

prom is soon so i made you this dress
————————-Photofinish was right. I do look great in that dress.(thanks to fatednoon for the fan art!)

prom is soon so i made you this dress


Photofinish was right. I do look great in that dress.

(thanks to fatednoon for the fan art!)

But on second thought, I’m sexier with wings only~

Love my mane?

I love my mane too~

"ask-thecrusaders"? You mean "go-to-my-livestreams". Seriously, its nothing but livestreams as of recently, that I could watch if it wasn't for my shitty computer that I can't change due to my shitty government, anyway I digress, animations you say? Like that self-insert with the awful voice you showed last time? No thanks, I'm here to watch pony, not your bizarre crush on Sweety Belle.

You made me giggle, thank you. Now you’re clearly trolling, coming here and begging for attention. Well I’d love to babysit you but unfortunately I have no more time to waste with babies~.

Good day.